The “Kadimah Experience”

The “Kadimah Experience” is unique for each of our campers.  Some may want to come for the Sports, others for the Arts or Boating programs and still others for our outstanding swim program on the shores of Lake William.  But ultimately, what is common to all our campers and staff are the reasons they give for returning year after year.  The first is our authentic, haimish and down-home culture, sparked by Jewish values and our Maritime roots.  And of course, the second – and most important benefit of the “Kadimah Experience” – is the intense and unwavering friendships which our campers develop with kids from big cities and small towns all over Canada, the US, Israel and beyond.

What will your “Kadimah Experience” be?  It’s really up to you!

Contact us now to learn all you want to know about the “Kadimah Experience”. Don’t forget to watch this short video below to start your journey.