Zane Brown

Name: Zane Brown

Years at Camp: 11

Job Title: Gosh Section Head

Current Job/School: Dalhousie University

Career Goal: Medical School/Doctor

Why do you come to camp: Ever since I first came to camp as a 10 year old back in 2007, camp has been one of the most important things in my life. For me camp provided a place where I could grow and learn, with a support network of friends and staff that could be found nowhere else. Currently, I come back to camp because I’d miss the kids too much if I didn’t. This coming summer I will have my gibbies from the past two years – I love all of these kids, and I can’t wait to help them and the new goshies have the best summer ever!

Favourite camp food: Turkey dinner: making a mish mash of turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes and gravy mixed together in perfect harmony

Favourite oneg dance and why: EVERY ONEG SONG IS PERFECT AND SPECIAL IN ITS OWN WAY. One cannot simply have a favourite, it is just a different amazing experience for each one.

Song that makes you think of camp: Old School by Hedley 

Favourite movie/TV show: Adventure time 

Fun facts about yourself: I once had a pet gecko named coconut