Why Work at Kadimah?

shael with gibbiesWe believe there are two core reasons to work at Camp Kadimah – for our campers and for yourself.

Your Campers

Kadimah is a ‘campers’ camp first and foremost.  As a member of the Camp Kadimah staff team, you play a directly integral role in the quality of our campers’ “Kadimah Experience”.  You will become like a big brother or sister and serve as a positive influence on their lives – in many cases long after your camp relationship is complete!

You can be the one who ignites the spark in a young camper so they will be forever connected and committed to camp! And you will also be a guide in each camper’s Jewish journey through the cultural and Israel-centered activities offered at camp.

For Yourself 

Versus most summer work in the city, and even 4 month co-ops, a job working at summer camp provides a superior and real life training ground for any future career. Employment with Kadimah will supply a long list of examples you will be able to easily cite at professional school or job interviews down the road.

Truly robust opportunities abound for accelerated development in life-work skills related to teamwork, communication, dealing with conflict, organizational skills and in particular – leadership…in many cases, arguably more than you’ll experience during the first 5 years of your working career.

As a Staff Member at Camp Kadimah, by the very nature of your job, you will organically learn and develop in the following areas:

  • Gain valuable experience in positions of leadership and responsibility.
  • Learn the keys to successful teamwork and collaboration.
  • Develop public speaking skills and confidence to speak in front of groups as large as 400.
  • Enhance your problem-solving skills.
  • Understand how to deal with and manage conflict.
  • Express and develop your creative skills and talents.
  • Enrich your campers’ lives and your own by gaining an understanding of Jewish and Zionist culture, traditions and values.
  • Develop program ideas from concept and lead their implementation.
  • Work under professional guidance and direction of our leadership team.

If this sounds like a great opportunity for you to contribute to a very special place while gaining invaluable life-skills, please click here to apply.