Who are we looking for?

What are we looking for in our Staff members?

There is no ONE ideal composition. Having  a mix of staff with a range of personalities, strengths and talents is vital to help us deliver the “Kadimah Experience” for our entire community.

But it is just as vital that we all share common traits which we call the ‘cost of entry’, the benchmark requirements against which we are all hired and measured.

As you begin your application, ask yourself if all of these resonate with you so you can set realistic expectations and therefore, set yourself up for success!

First and foremost, you are a really,really good person – a true mensch – someone who is a genuinely warm, accepting and friendly mentor for your campers and a trusted peer and collaborator with your co-staff. That is the foundation of our camp culture and the key driver behind the “Kadimah Experience”.

Second, you are simply passionate about Kadimah, the “Kadimah Experience” and all that it stands for.  You don’t just have a love OF camp, but you have a love FOR camp and want to contribute to her growth and future success.

Ari WalkerYou are intrinsically motivated to perform your role and to go above and beyond to create magical moments.   You are at camp for the campers first and feel genuine satisfaction because of what you can contribute to your campers and the community around you.


You recognize that you are in a bona fide, real job – perhaps your first – for which you have an accountability to perform.  While this is a place where you might have had a care-free existence growing up as a camper, you know being a staff member is not an extension of your ‘camper life’.  As such, you know it’s important to be all in, fully engaged.  Farthest from your mind is taking the easy way out and sitting on the sidelines watching camp race by without you while you miss out on an incredible personal growth opportunity.

If this sounds like the type of camp and organization you can thrive in, we’d love to chat. Click here to submit your application for CK2018.