Sari Sadofsky-Ender

Name: Sari Sadofsky-Ender

Years at Camp: 1987-1988, 1994-1999 (1996 Kadimah Israel), 2017

Job Title: Administrative Manager

Why do you come to camp? I started coming to camp because my father went, my aunt and uncles went, my great-aunts and uncles went and my cousins were there. I kept coming back because it became my home, surrounded by a family I created for 6 weeks, making lifelong friends!

Favourite summer at camp and why: 1994 – Second Year Machar, my first summer back and first summer as a Toronto kid no longer coming from Halifax. I knew only a few people that I had had known before we moved 5 years earlier and was so nervous but I left that summer falling back in love with Kadimah and it has never been far from me ever since!

Favourite cabin or building at camp and why: Cabin 33!! My first cabin as staff – best co-staff ever! I loved my girls, I loved being staff and I love today that I am still in contact with many of them and watching them grow into amazing women has been a joy. If I even played a teeny part of that I count that as a major accomplishment in my life!

Favourite camp food (could be meal or snack): Could it be anything but the COOKIES! Even my kids, who have never been, know all about my obsession!

Song that makes you think of camp: Hooked on a Feeling (Machar 1994 section song) and Mr. Jones (Kochot 1997 section song)

Favourite book: Pride & Prejudice by Jane Austen and All Harry Potter Books!