Robyn Budovitch



Name: Robyn Budovitch

Years at Camp: 2003-2017

Job Title: Camper Care Leader 

Current School: Western University 

Career Goal: Working in the mental health field with children 

Favourite summer: Toss up between Swine 09′ and 2015 (See a theme?) 

Favourite camp building: Cabin 11 – no explanation required 

Favourite meal/snack: Cathy’s cookies!!!  

Song that reminds you of camp: Atlas Hands – Benjamin Francis Leftwich, The General – Dispatch, Fast Car – Tracy Chapman 

LWAT: Robbie’s jorts and satchel of the night 

Fun Fact: Terribly terrified of birds (this likely stemmed from Stevie chasing me around camp with a feather but still unsure)