Robbie Cohen

Name: Robbie Cohen

Years at Camp: 13

Job Title: Head of Shira

Current School: Law School 

Career Goal: International Lawyer or Diplomat 

Why do you come to camp? To coach Rudy to the championship with Goldy

Favourite summer at camp and why? Cohen 5 of 2005. All four of my brothers and me were in attendance. We rivalled the Abramsky and Zatzman dynasties.

Favourite cabin or building at camp and why? Cabin 27 because I think it has the most potential to be renovated into the staff lounge. And I like potential.

Favourite camp food (could be meal or snack): When they magically shrink the muffins after breakfast and leave them by the salad bars.

Favourite oneg dance and why: Golden Boy because Shoham was a legend

Song that makes you think of camp: Centerfold #Machar15

Favourite book: 50 Shades of Grey. Didn’t read it though.

Favourite movie/TV show: Movie: My family’s home videos. TV show: Seinfeld

Fun facts about yourself: I can speak some Mandarin/Chinese