Camper Care

Camp Kadimah is well known for its tight-knit community. The atmosphere has a true family feel. Campers and Staff from all sections know or recognize each other and the closeness is evident in many camp-wide activities where you will find senior campers mingling with junior campers.

Director of Camper Care

Paula websiteWe are pleased to have Paula Gaum Lipkus (RSW, MSW) join us year round. During the summer, Paula and her team of Camper Care leaders train and oversee the Section Heads and general staff while addressing camper issues and serving as the main liaison with parents back at home.  During the 10 month off season, among many other duties, Paula meets with parents and campers alike to ensure they are set up for success while at camp.

Camper Attention

Staff and camper picOne exceptional feature about camper care at Kadimah is that all campers share cabin space with their bunk staff.  Staff do not sleep in separate rooms. This set-up ensures that, should a need arise, staff are literally an arms-length away in the cabins.  Even post-curfew, one staff member remains in the cabin at all times.

As well, for daily infirmary call, a staff member from each section is always assigned to accompany campers to see the doctor or one of the 2 nurses who are on site at all times.

Staff-to-Camper Ratios

The ratio of staff to camper is another strength at Kadimah. The younger sections (Giborim and Goshrim) have a 1:3.5, and sometimes a 1:2.5 ratio. This guarantees attention for every young camper. The Kochot section has a ratio of 1:4, while the more independent Machar section is generally 1:6.

Healthy Eating

DSC_0031The Camp kitchen offers an array of kosher foods and there are several salad bars set up at every meal, in addition to vegetables and fruits served at all tables. Campers are served by their staff to ensure that everyone is eating well.


Laundry is provided by an outside service. It is picked up and dropped off at camp on a weekly basis. In cases where necessary, campers’ items may be washed at camp.

Showers & General Hygene

There are multiple shower facilities at camp. Campers shower by unit. Girls are assigned to one shower facility and boys to the other. CITs have their own shower facilities. Every cabin is equipped with running water and toilets. Staff ensure campers are brushing their teeth regularly and help to keep nails trimmed.


DSC_0035In the morning, muffins and fruit are available in the Chadar. There is a mid-afternoon snack that provides refreshment on a hot summer day. Every night, following a unit’s evening program, campers are treated to special snacks, most often our famous homemade chocolate chip cookies.

The Tuck shop is the most popular building at camp, not just for its colourful facade but for what is inside.  Campers receive a choice of candy or chocolate bar and juice pack, two to three times a week.  And it’s all free…except for that letter home which is the only price our campers pay to receive tuck!