Choosing a Camp

We know that making a decision about which summer camp to send your child to is a major one.  And we also know you’ll have many questions leading up to that decision.  Ultimately, after the due diligence is completed, we’ve learned the decision comes down to your perception of fit and where you think your child will thrive, grow, form meaningful friendships and feel most at home. This is especially challenging if you’ve never been to the camp you’re exploring and that’s why we are happy to help fill the gaps so you can make a more confident and informed choice.

 How can I learn more about Kadimah?

Meet the Director: We’re here to help – at your convenience…whether you wish to attend one of our Open House Information sessions, schedule a house visit or just have a chat on the phone or Skype.  Simply fill out our inquiry form or contact us now and we will connect with you right away.  Through discussion, slides, video, Q&A and feedback from current parents, the information we share is comprehensive so you can walk away with all your questions addressed.

Watch us on CKTV: As part of your due diligence, it always helps to get immersed in the culture of any camp you are exploring.  If you can’t be at camp, we can certainly bring Kadimah to you through the power of video. Check out our CKTV Vimeo channel and browse through some clips to gain a more intimate perspective of the haimish culture, vibrancy and warmth Kadimah is so famous for.

Registration: Once you feel you have all the information and you are prepared to register for CK2018, please click here to open up your “Camp In Touch” application and you’ll be guided through the rest.

 Why Choose Kadimah?

Since 1943 and true to its authentic Jewish and East Coast values, Camp Kadimah has proven to be a warm and welcoming home to kids from all over Canada, the US, Israel and beyond.  We know you have a choice and we hope what Kadimah delivers so well and what differentiates us – as outlined below – matches what you expect of your child’s camp experience.

1. Our Culture:

Screen Shot 2016-08-24 at 12.15.51 PMWhile many of our campers are third generation Kadimahniks whose grandparents came in the 40’s and 50’s, many others are blazing a trail for their families as first timers. In fact, we welcome dozens of new Kadimahniks each year to our Maritimes-based camp, one we confidently call Canada’s friendliest Jewish camp.

Whether campers are newbies or veterans, from big cities or rural towns, they are welcomed through our gates in Barss Corner with open arms and are immediately drawn to the authenticity and magic of the “Kadimah Experience“. Though intangible and a tad challenging to figure out before our newbies hit the ground at Kadimah, we know the mind-blowing level of warmth, acceptance, energy and friendliness they will feel from the moment they get off the bus is our key differentiator, one that may feel natural, but nonetheless, one that we have worked tirelessly to protect and nurture for over 70 years.  Our haimish culture – influenced so heavily by Jewish values and our east coast roots – is the number one reason our campers come from far and near, summer after summer.

2. Judaica Content:
Screen Shot 2016-08-24 at 12.17.20 PMAs a camp dedicated to innovative experiential learning, Jewish and Zionist content are introduced in exciting ways so kids don’t feel they are stuck in a classroom in the middle of summer. This may include learning the Hebrew word(s) of the day after lunch in the Chadar Ochel (dining hall); reciting the blessing after the meal (birkat hamazon); dancing up a storm at Oneg Shabbat every Friday night in the RCC (a legendary ritual at CK!) as well as camp-wide events like Israel Day, Holocaust Remembrance and Haganah Night.  The presence of Judaica content from Hebrew integration to Israel experiential learning is ever-present at Kadimah.  In fact, to reinforce that point, we were proud to have welcomed 35 Israeli kids and staff (Shlichim) to Barss Corner in 2017 alone.

3.  Our Counsellors
Screen Shot 2016-08-24 at 12.19.57 PMKadimah has always been described as a camper’s camp where staff return year after year because of the genuine relationships they form with their campers. Hanging out with their own peers after curfew is an important component of their own camp experience, but it is secondary to the reason they applied for their position.

Each year, more than 95% of the bunk counsellors we hire are former Kadimah campers themselves.  They fully understand the influence their own counsellors had on them and now, as cabin and camp leaders, they are proud to carry on that tradition with the campers to whom they’ve been entrusted. Besides the fact they are beneficiaries of an excellent training program delivered by our Camper Care team led by our social worker, Paula Gaum Lipkus (MSW) – they are at camp for your kids first and foremost.  That is just the type of camp we are and what that means is, you can be sure that your child is priority #1 for his or her counsellors.

4. Our Activities:

Screen Shot 2016-08-24 at 12.01.20 PMKadimah offers a well-rounded program including Sports, Swim, Boating and the Arts, typically 5 days each week. Besides our renowned Maccabia Color War where the camp is divided into four teams for a 4 day spirited competition, we run special camp-wide events each week where kids from all sections get a chance to meet and interact with each other.  And of course, Friday night and Saturdays are reserved for special Shabbat programming.

Ultimately, we know that kids come to Kadimah for their own personal reasons. They may want to try all the sports; participate in waterskiing or wakeboarding; learn to sail; get their Bronze Cross; do mind-blowing modern Israeli dances or audition for a part in one of our sectional plays. Most of all, they come back to be with the friends they’ve made and the new ones they’ll only get to meet down in The Barss.

And your child will get a chance to do all of the above. Kadimah offers a clean sheet every summer where each camper can write his or her own story in a judgement-free environment that promotes personal growth, independence and above all, the value of friendship.

We hope to hear from you soon.  Contact us now and we’ll set up a time that is most convenient for you.