Peter Svidler

Name: Peter Svidler

Years at Camp: 2011-2016, 2018

Job Title: Kochot Section Head

Current School: Dalhousie University

Career Goal: Mechanical Engineering and Law

Why do you come to camp: I get to spend six weeks at the best place with my best
friends and the best kids on the planet – what is there not to love?

Favourite summer at camp and why: Machar 2011 because it was my first summer at
camp and it was also the summer I fell in love with camp. Even though I’ve never
been to camp before it felt like everyone was my best friend within days.

Favourite cabin or building at camp and why: Cabin 14 aka the Barn because it has the
best rafters

Favourite camp food: Weekday breakfasts, because nothing
beats bagels, herb & garlic cream cheese and hardboiled eggs

Song that makes you think of camp: “The General” by Dispatch

Fun fact about yourself: Last time I checked I was a level 6 swimmer