Jonah MacDonald

Name: Jonah MacDonald

Years at Camp: This will be my 9th summer at Kadimah 

Job Title: Co-Head of Spots 

Current School: Concierge at Paramount Apartments 

Career Goal: Property Manager

Why do you come to camp: I come to Kadimah for the tradition and to spend each summer with all of my best friends. 

Favourite summer at camp and why: My favourite summer at camp was CIT13 because we had so much freedom but could also make such a positive impact on camp. 

Favourite cabin or building at camp and why: My favourite building at camp is the Ulam because many of my all-time favourite sports moments happened there. 

Favourite camp food: Easily Turkey Dinner. The Stuffing!!!

Song that makes you think of camp: A song that always brings me back to the last night of camp is Save Tonight by Eagle Eye Cherry 

Fun fact about yourself: I first attended Camp Kadimah in 2001 as the doctor’s child