Our 2018 Spring Jobs website is now open – designed to connect our university-aged staff whom we wish to retain at camp (and who seek work experience during that elusive May/June window) – with professionals from our Alumni and Parent networks.



Parents, Alumni – We’ve ALL been there…trying to get doors opened to secure relevant work experience.  In an increasingly competitive environment, connections are more important than ever for today’s students – and what better connection than YOU – someone with a link to our wonderful camp who has the ability to hire summer students or has a colleague with those decision rights.

Some of the benefits for Job Hosts (Employers) include:

  • Contribute in a very tangible way to the Kadimah community.
  • Help us retain great staff at camp who otherwise might not return.
  • Get work done – especially on those nagging projects you just can’t get to by goal-oriented students eager to help you while building their skill set and resume.


Through our Jobs Board website, prospective employers can post short-term job opportunities up to 8 weeks ending no later than June 24 while staff candidates may post their online resumes to showcase their personal ‘brand’.  The intent is for employers and candidates to connect with each other via the Jobs Board website in order to identify potential matches.


Employee salaries or honorariums are at the discretion of the employer and are negotiated between both parties – consistent with your company’s compensation policies – and in conjunction with provincial or State Labor Law.  As a third party, Camp Kadimah does not condone unpaid internships. Kadimah does not participate in, nor benefit from, salary negotiations.

We STRONGLY recommend a written contract or agreement between both parties to create clear mutual expectations and to ensure full alignment.


If you are a registered Kadimah 2018 staff member or a member of our Alumni or Parent community (or have colleagues who will hire) who can offer part-time, full-time or project-based work up to June 24, we invite you to enroll now so you can begin your search today.

To get started, CLICK THE RELEVANT LINK BELOW TO REGISTER!  We hope to hear from you soon.


If you have any  questions, please contact our office (info@campkadimah.com).

Thank you.

Phil David, Executive Director

Sarah Atkins, Camp Director