These are traditionally large monetary gifts by a single donor, family or group of donors used to:

a) Create a brand new facility like our gorgeous Frank Medjuck Sport Court, opened in 2017;
b) Execute a major re-furbishing of an existing facility – including our Ulam, Tennis Courts and ABC Field.

Naming rights are provided for a defined term based on the size of the gift (Eg. 10 to 20 years) and the original donor(s) will have first right of refusal to renew once the term expires.

 If you are interested in placing yours or your family’s name on a facility at Kadimah, please contact the camp office to start the conversation.  We have many opportunities we’d love to explore with you.  In fact, below are just some of the wonderful additions made to Kadimah last year, thanks to the generosity of so many.


The Frank: Through the kind and extremely generous donation of Ralph and Shirlee Medjuck, the “Frank Medjuck Sport Court” replaced the well-used but ‘past-its-prime’ Auxiliary Sports Field this past summer.

Frank was an avid fan of basketball and hosted hundreds of Sunday night pick-up games in the gym of Halifax’s Beth Israel Shul for many years, welcoming local kids and visiting university students alike with open arms.  He would have been proud of his namesake. In fact, the “Frank” was such a hit, even the Kochotniks got out of bed before wake-up to shoot hoops prior to being dragged back to their cabins by their counselors for clean-up.


New Overnight Campsite:  As the recipient of an anonymous generous donation, we built a beautiful new campsite near the Eagle’s Nest on the Chadar Ochel side of camp, just down the path from the Chairmans’ Field. In conjunction with the original bonfire site next to CIT-land, the future of tripping at Kadimah has never looked brighter. 






The Kumzits:  Alumnus Andrew Spinner of Windsor, ON has shown us the way with his very innovative crowdfunding campaigns over the past two years using the “Go Fund Me” platform.  

In 2016, we were able to create our first paved mini-court behind the backstop near Gibbie-land and in 2017, we built a beautiful campfire site (the Kumzitz) next to the Peter Stone Mo’adon – giving our Gibbies, Goshies and staff a very accessible place to roast marshmallows and sing camp songs day or night. 


The Kochot Swing:  A very thoughtful donation by Joy Cherry of Toronto allowed us to build a community swing in Kochot-land which became the central hub for our 12 and 13 year-old’s.  

In our quest to create town squares in each section, this was a much-needed addition for Kochot. And now with the Frank and the Swing on either side of their cabins, Kochot-land has become a more social atmosphere than ever and may explain why a few were tardy for their Toranut duties! 








The Mini-Courts and Water Park:  We are grateful to the Star Family of Montreal whose donation enabled us to build and pave two new mini-courts in Goshie-land and Machar-land.  From hopscotch to chalk art to basketball, we’ve never seen a patch of pavement used as extensively or creatively.

The Star Family’s donation also helped us build the first phase of our new Kadimah Water Park which will be situated just outside the far docks.  Long gone is the famous red slide, so what better way to excite kids about swimming in Lake William than to create a water park.  We look forward to adding new components to the water-trampoline base over the next two summers, thanks to the commitment of the Star Family.