Eyal Kirsh

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Name: Eyal Kirsh

Years at Camp: This is my first. My relatives went to Kadimah

Job Title: Senior Specialist – Tzofiut and Ski

Current Job/School: Post Army gap year – Traveling the world.

Me in 5 Words: Don’t worry. Be happy…now!

Favourite Websites: www.nationalgeographic.com

Favorite Camp Meal: Roasted Marshmallows

Favorite Non Maccabia Color: Khaki

If you couldn’t walk across the bridge, how would you get to the other side? I would drive, because if i couldn’t walk across, it probably means there is no sidewalk.

Summertime Soundtrack: “Surfin’ Safari,” The Beach

Any Other Fun Facts You Want to Include: I love washing dishes, it’s like therapy for me.