Daniel Friedberg

Name: Daniel Friedberg

Years at Camp: 2012-2014, 2016-2018

Job Title: Giborim Section Head

Current Job/School: McMaster University

Career Goal: Medicine/Pediatrician

Why do you come to camp: The people at camp, the activities you do with them, and the setting you live in together for 6 weeks make for an irresistible culture that keeps me coming back for more. As well: having experienced Kadimah from the perspective of a camper, I feel that it’s my time to take the place of the staff I once looked up to so much and make this summer amazing for my own campers!

Favourite cabin or building at camp and why: Because of all the camp plays I was part of, to me the RCC is everything from Tarzan’s jungle to Chicago’s theatre to the Little Mermaid’s ocean, so it easily takes the title.

Favourite camp food (could be meal or snack): Hands down, pizza- taking the cheesy garlic bread and turning it into a deluxe double-decker pizza sandwich by adding olives, spinach, and pepper is one of my favourite weekly camp rituals.

Favourite oneg dance and why: Niv’s Dance. 5 minutes where nothing else matters.

Song that makes you think of camp: In My Life by The Beatles

Fun facts about yourself: I was born in Israel and can speak Hebrew fluently, I can play piano upside down and backwards, and I am a brown belt in Karate.