Daniel Freedman

Daniel pic daniel Old picture

Name: Daniel Freedman

Years at Camp: 2002 – 2015 (G-d, that’s a long time)

Job Title: Assistant Director, Program and Specialties

Current Job/School: York University

Favourite Camp Play: The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee (CIT 2013)

Favourite Peulah and Why: Mel Yad – who doesn’t need/love numerous beaded bracelets?

Favorite Camp Meal: Fajitas. Definitely fajitas.

Favorite Spot in Camp: Field of Dreams & CIT land.

If you couldn’t walk across the bridge, how would you get to the other side? Jump off Jilly. Seems plausible.

Summertime Soundtrack: Anything to do with Dave Matthews Band or Mumford & Sons.

Any Advice You Want to Include: Camp nicknames last forever… At least I’ve been told.