Camp Kadimah Scholarship Fund

For over 70 summers, Camp Kadimah has been the setting for incredible memories and the starting line for lifelong friendships. For some families, Camp Kadimah is home to three generations, while others are just beginning their history there. Either way, Camp Kadimah prides itself as being a place of magic, warmth and Jewish cultural inspiration.

We want every Jewish child who aspires to go to camp to have that experience.

Camp Kadimah’s Scholarship Fund was established with the vision of helping Jewish children attend Kadimah who may otherwise not be able to do so. The scholarship fund helps offset registration costs for families whose financial situation makes it difficult to afford the full camp fee.

Camp Kadimah’s Scholarship Fund is made possible by the generous support of the following organizations and people:

Bogoroch & Associates LLP

One of Canada’s leading personal injury and medical malpractice law firms, based in downtown Toronto.

  • Partner – Heidi Brown – is a proud Kadimah alumnus whose parents met at Kadimah in the 50’s and who now sends her three children to Barss Corner each summer. Heidi is a true believer in performing Tzedakah and – on behalf of Bogoroch & Associates LLP – has committed a generous gift to Kadimah to help offset the registration fees for Jewish children who may otherwise not have the financial means to attend camp. We are very grateful to Bogoroch & Associates LLP for making a meaningful difference in the lives of our campers who are in need.

Atlantic Jewish Council

  • The Atlantic Jewish Council is dedicated to enhancing the quality of Jewish life in Atlantic Canada and promoting the continuity of Jewish communities in the region.  We recognize and appreciate the generosity of the AJC and its Bequest & Endowment arm – the Atlantic Jewish Foundation – for its support of Kadimah and Atlantic Canadian campers over the years.

Canadian Young Judaea (CYJ)

  • As Canada’s largest Jewish youth movement, Canadian Young Judaea brings together youth from coast to coast with shared values of ahavat yisroel, tikkun olam and shalom.  CYJ provides scholarship support to Kadimah and sister YJ camps annually to help kids attend camp who otherwise could not afford the experience.

Private Donors:

  • We are grateful to the Friends of Camp Kadimah and CYJ alumni for their generous support our camp.  If you would like to make a (private or public) donation or help lead an online “Go Fund Me” project, please contact us now ( 
  • Please click this link if you’d like to make an online donation now.