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We are always thrilled to welcome new campers and no one is better at recruiting than those who have been or those who have sent their children to Camp Kadimah. The role of a Kadimah Ambassador is to help generate excitement and interest in others who may be curious about our wonderful camp.

Committee members and Kadimah alumni – Julie Ruben Rodney and Heidi Lipkus Meirovitz – are leading our Ambassador Team for the 2018 season and have arranged for a series of Open Houses throughout the year.

If you would like to join the team to help with recruitment by spreading the word about Kadimah to your network or if you wish to host open houses, please contact the camp office (

House Visits & Open Houses – If you have friends or relatives who are interested in Jewish camp or are thinking about Kadimah, we would be happy to arrange a house visit or invite them to one of the many Open Houses already set up where we can share the magic of Kadimah.  Contact us now and we will make it happen!

Refer a Friend – Let us know if you have someone in mind that would be a great addition to the Kadimah Family. Just click here and fill out our referral form.

What Do You Love About Kadimah? – Here is your chance to share in words all about your Kadimah experience. Whether you’re a camper, alum or parent, please fill out the below form.


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