Every Visiting Day, we welcome alumni, along with relatives and friends of our campers and staff, to witness how we have grown all the while maintaining that intangible Kadimah spirit. For 2018, we hope you will spend the weekend in Halifax and at camp for our 75th anniversary.

We ask alumni who are parents and have kids at camp to only visit on Visiting Day, but for our older alumni who are passing by, please contact us to arrange your visit.

Our policy for alumni visits (those with no children at camp) is to seek approval from the Director in advance and on the day of, you must formally sign in at our office and wear a visitor badge through the duration of your stay.  You are welcome to to tour camp and spend time on site for up to 5 hours and have a meal with us.  Due to privacy requirements, no pictures of our campers may be posted on social media.

If you have young children who are future Kadimah campers, the opportunity to spend time at camp on Pre Gibbie Day (July 31, ’18) may be an option. Please contact the office to find out more about Pre-Gibbie Day and our new overnight Sneak Peek program.